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"Jackson Phippin ... has been impressing the world's producers and critics the past few years with his tightly focused, subtly paced stagings."..MEL GUSSOW, NY Times



...You can have the best product, the best business plan or the best kept secret in the world, but your message can be lost if the presentation doesn't convey that effectively.
...The biggest hurdle between you and the success which your company needs can appear at the presentation stage. Communicating with any group of people is an art which requires you to be on top of your game, to know your facts inside out, and to be primed for any question - but it is a highly pressured situation, and one in which the coaching of PRESENTATION SKILLS can help you take centre stage and make all the difference! Master your public speaking and be at ease for all your public relations events, and gain the self-assured approach required to control press conference speaking.
...Jackson Phippin
has been working with some of the country's finest actors for 30 years. These actors have appeared in tv, film and some of the most respected IORT theatres in the country.

...Jackson has been a freelance theatre director for 30 years. He served as an Associate Artistic Director in Baltimore, and ran a professional training program for actors and directors in Washington DC - and has coached professional actors and students for over 20 years.
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