Client satisfaction and feed-back are vital to AIP and we take our attendees' opinions very seriously. Listed below are a few comments from our ever-growing network of clients.



.....I have attended numerous development and motivational training seminars over my years with IBM. The "Awareness is Power" seminar is by far the best overall that I have attended. As part of building a new organization, my entire management and non-management leadership team have received the "Awareness is Power" training. In short, the training contributed significantly to the success of our organization.
.....Our teamwork and understanding is terrific. The spirit of the team is outstanding. This has helped lead to superior business results. "Awareness is Power" has been a major part of our organization from the beginning.
Dennis Caldwell, Services Fulfillment Executive,
North America National Services Support Organization (NSSO), Raleigh, North Carolina.



.....I have attended various seminars hosted by AIP, where Pat has never failed to reach out to her audience with an enthusiasm that is backed with solid experience! Anyone can benefit from these well-planned and highly relevant lectures, and I do not hesitate in recommending AIP to any corporation or individual aiming to realise their potential.
.....On a personal level, Pat provided excellent professional guidance, coaching and advice which has not only benefitted my career and company, but also the people I work with.

Chris Chambers, Managing Director, Madison Design Studio Ltd, England.


...."Pat is a committed and passionate expert on leadership and corporate team development. She understands team dynamics, and has a proven record assisting organizations in identifying their unique challenges and providing tools to individual executives to drive both organization improvement and personal success. I hired Bayley and Bender to assist my executive team in preparation for a long term strategic planning process, and the information she provided was invaluable. I highly recommend Pat for your organization development needs."
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Patricia M.C. Brown – President Johns Hopkins HealthCare Systems


....."Ms Bender is a first class professional who puts the client's needs first and delivers results on time and within budget. She brings a special glow to the consulting process which impressed my (internal) clients and directly helped support institution programs and objectives. While you can hire many a consultant in today's marketplace, the 'Benders' of the world continue to be a rare and cherished resource."
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Robert Levit – VP, a large Financial Services Company, Fortune 100 Company


.....“Patricia was hired by IBM to provide a Team Building Skills Seminar for our Process & Strategy Unit, specifically titled, "Awareness Is Power". It was simply the most creative, productive seminar I've had the privilege of attending in my career. To this day, I still recall some of the exercises that were the focus of this education, including the 'under the sheet' scenario, whose purpose was to build trust among our Team. If I had a Company of my own, I would not hesitate to hire Patricia to lead a seminar for my employees, as the principles she set out to deliver to our group, still remain with me today, 14 years later."
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
Robin Ungano hired AIP for Career Coaching


....."I've been in business for 28 years and thought I had heard it all...till Pat. My staff and I took her class and it was outstanding. She was able to teach us new information on a subject we have explored deeply- tapping into your personal power. The benefits were enormous and 8 months later we are still feeling the effects.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Personable
Lucinda Crabtree, President, hired Pat as an Instructor


.....“Patricia brings a tremendous energy into an organization. The tools she uses and the results she derives from those become cornerstones of change. Her ability to relate to all levels of an organization is uncanny. She has been a tremendous asset to our business in change and growth.”
Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
Thomas Goldsmith, Director IBM hired Pat as Career Coach


.....“Simply stated, "Pat Bender is the BEST". We offered Pat the opportunity to create, "from scratch" a leadership program for a delegation of Beijing City Leaders and present it using Chinese materials for questionnaires/profiles and delivering the information in-person through an interpreter. She took this on with great enthusiasm and the delegation was so impressed that they gave the program perfect scores on every metric. Following up on that very successful program, they are in discussion with her to provide additional leadership training in Beijing this Summer. Clients love Pat and very much appreciate and value the excellent work she does.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Keith Segerson – Director Mason Enterprise Center, George Mason University hired Pat as a Business Consultant


.....“Pat is an expert on how to read people in less than 60 seconds and communicate successfully utilizing that person's communication style. She creates personal and professional awareness at a level that is top of the line. She conducts engaging, involving seminars that are life changing. I'd recommend Pat without any reservations.”
Michele Deck, CEO, GAMES/Tool Thyme for Trainers


....."Pat's professionalism, compassion and years of experience has led her to become the consummate partner in any business enterprise. She is diligent and persistent, always demanding the best in any endeavor she undertakes. I offer my highest recommendation.”
Emilia Poiter, Director of Development & Marketing, YWCA Annapolis & Anne Arundel County


....."I took the AIP Leadership & Personal Excellence Seminar in January and it exceeded my expectations tenfold. I continue to draw on the lessons that Pat taught to enhance both my career and my personal life. I unequivocally recommend her services.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Personable
Robin Ludt, hired Pat as a Career Coach


....."Pat helped my experienced business development team establish strategic sales objectives for their federal government clients. The sales management techniques she used during the sessions were valuable and received high evaluation rating. Lastly, Pat leads by example, founded in her choosing to have personal integrity and honesty, convicts her to abide by every business lesson she teaches to class participants. Pat engendered the trust my people.
I strongly recommend Bayley and Bender for sales management sessions!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
Bruce Williams – VP IBM Corporation hired Patricia as a Business Consultant





......On behalf of my Division here at USDA, Office of Civil Rights, I want to thank both of you for the outstanding "Awareness Is Power" seminar you conducted for us Tuesday and Wednesday at the Marriott. Your presentations, discussions and team-building techniques were absolutely superb. I also want to personally thank you Pat for sticking with us as we hashed out all the issues confronting us in getting to "yes" on the retreat. My conversations with you were incredibily inspiring and heartwarming.
.....My staff appreciates very much the AIP® assessments and all the insights given to them about their own behavior. Thank you for the incredible journey into team-building and planning the both of you provided to us for those 2 days. We are following up on the assignments you gave us and will be getting back with you on them very shortly.
.....I will continue to encourage my team members to use the AIP® behavioral concepts while interfacing with each other here on the job. My plan is to stay in touch with you as the team builds on what they have learned. Hopefully, within the next 6 to 12 months we can get back with you as a team to assess our progress using the concepts you have shared with us.
Larry Newell - Chief at USDA - United States Department of Agriculture.

.....Thank you again for your assistance with the 2005 Leader On Loan programme. This year's class was one of the best we have had in several years. Your work with this team was a major factor in their success and the overall success of our campaign.
Please accept my sincere gratitude for helping us with this program. I was very impressed with the preparation that you did for this one-day seminar, the customized agenda that you developed for this group, and the analyses that you provided back to United Way after the volunteers completed the seminar
.....Thank you again for bringing an unbievable product to United Way.

Elise Lee, Director of Major Gifts. United Way of Central Maryland.

After having been away from the materials in the Awareness is Power World Class Selling Course for about 6 weeks, I found it very useful to go through my profile again with Pat and to be able to ask pointed questions. She helped me to hone in on the way I was using some of the theories we had discussed in the seminar and to explore other areas in which I had questions. I highly recommend the one-on-one sessions for anyone who has a profile, whether you were able to attend the original seminar or not!
Leslie L Lesch IBM Corporation - Global Services

.....In the Awareness Is Power World Class Selling seminar, the sales team learned how to put the ‘heart’ back into selling, which is a forgotten art that is critical to building sustainable relationships with customers in a competitive environment. Through this session, our sellers became more aware of their strengths and areas for improvement in sales execution. In addition, the teams learned new strategies for communicating more effectively with customers and inside our company.
Bruce H. Williams, IBM - VP Integrated Technology Services

I am writing this letter to thank you for the experience I had while attending the Personal Excellence Seminar on January 12-14. The seminar couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. Just graduating college, and feeling overwhelmed with the choices I faced in my life, it was the perfect recipe. Serenity had all the right ingredients.
.....Pat you are an amazing teacher, energetic and full of life, you did an outstanding job at illustrating the importance of the program. Bob added great insight to our discussions by teaching the class from a unique angle. The material presented to us during the seminar had the ability to change your life for the better, in multiple ways. Finally, the atmosphere at Serenity was so relaxing; it was perfect to help us take in all the information we were learning. I recognize that every aspect of the seminar was designed for a specific purpose, in order to obtain maximum retention of the program.

.....The Personal Excellence Seminar is perfect for all personalities, ages, and for people in all different stages of their life. Being young and fresh out of college I had many questions unanswered in my professional and personal life. I obsessed over what "I want to be when I grow up." I struggled with the direction I wanted my life to go and I struggled with regret, jealousy, and hatred for people in my personal life. I can honestly say that this seminar has helped me deal with all these problems. After the seminar I realized that with confidence, clear goals, and perseverance I could do anything with my life. I dug up the dreams and aspirations that were hidden inside of me; I brought them to the surface and I now know that if I put my mind to it, I truly can do what I most desire. There was an ongoing theme in the seminar that really stuck out to me. That was the fact that your attitude is what you make of it. YOU have to power to achieve your goals, not hold grudges against others, and forgive yourself and others for things in the past. Most importantly you have to ability to wake up each and everyday with positive feelings and a TERRIFIC attitude!

.....From my time at Serenity I have learned so much about myself and the aspects of my life that are really important to me. I have clarity, when just two months ago I felt that my life was so chaotic and stressful. I admire you both for the accomplishments you have made in your life as well as the passion you have for your job and helping others to achieve their goals. THANK YOU!
Sincerely, Lindsey Postle

Pat is an incredible person and gifted trainer. Last October, I was only able to attend the first day of the class, but gained such a wealth of information from that one day that I am continually amazed. The Effective Team Building and Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values reports are spot on and valuable tools. They have helped me grow as a person and change the way I relate to others to get the job done.

.....The class we completed this week was equally amazing. I was engaged. At the beginning of some of the modules, I was skeptical. By the end, I was stimulated by the material and the class discussion. Additionally, the Leadership and Managing Your Time reports that we received with this class are as accurate as the reports we received in October and include strategies that I can actually use. In other words, the strategies are adapted to me. They are not of the one size fits all variety. In fact, none of the reports I have received sit in a drawer, I frequently go back to them.
Thank you.

Helen Mearns, US Army

.....Wow! What a great day! On Friday morning we polled the Leaders On Loan on their feelings from Thursday's Awareness Is Power Leadership in Action Seminar and all the comments were positive. It really was a valuable part of the training week and provided great insight into our team relationships. Thank you both - I loved the day and wish Molly could have been there.
Krysta & Molly, United Way of Central Maryland

My words are a heartfelt testimonial that I hope encourage others to take your training. Thanks for the kind words and great class last week. I keep saying to my self "positive thoughts" and I think it is working. I never had too many negative thoughts, however a few would creep in occasionally, but I am sending them packing these days, and for good measure, blame be damned! Thanks again for your very positive class.
Richard A Newton, US Army

I attended the majority of your seminars on the "Path of the Vikings" cruise onboard the Seabourn Sun, September 2001, with my friend Ms Susan Wilson.
.....Your seminars were exhilarating, extremely informative, well constructed and contained all the salient details regarding the subject matter. I found you personally exhibited such charisma and enthusiasm the extent of which I have yet to experience in any of the numerous seminars I have attended from all other sources, spanning many years. You capture an audience and really do excel in your specialism. What a rare talent! You are articulate and very knowledgeable regarding your subject matter. Your presentation skills are impeccable and you are adept at retaining the attention of your audience.

..... I personally found you to be an inspiration and a great motivator. I have attended numerous other seminars on cruise ships and I found that they failed to inspire or stimulate me and so I attended your first seminar with an open mind. I was so impressed with the entire package that you presented as was my friend that we organised our cruise schedule around your seminars to endeavour not to miss them. Your whole seminar experience was most pleasurable and very refreshing. It was unfortunate that we could not have spent more time developing other issues as well relating to your specialism as you possess a very valuable resource which should be utilised to the maximum capacity.

.....I write this from a position of authority having lectured in Science and law both in Ireland and in the mainland United Kingdom. I have also attended international business seminars and numerous other conferences and I am educated to University degree level. May I take this opportunity to wish you continuing success in your excellent 'Awareness is Power' seminars. Thanking you for the uplifting experience!

Caroline McCormack (Ms) , Ireland .

Thank you so much for your contributions towards my growth and development and for your sharing and caring. I found this class enjoyable and powerful, and I'm looking forward to wonderful events in my future. May God bless and keep you.
Donna, US Army

Thank you again. for your concern and thoughtfulness. I had an extraordinary time during the seminar last week, and look forward to sharing my experience with my co-workers! It was a pleasure to get to know you and Bob
Allen, US Army

...I want to let you know that Bayley and Bender, Inc. helped to turn my life around. I was in a job that was no longer providing growth opportunities. I felt stymied, but yet unable to move out of my comfort zone. You gave me the insight and confidence I needed to move into a much more rewarding position. This change has given me a positive outlook in all aspects of my life.

.....Your initial behavior assessment provided me valuable insight into how I approach problems and challenges and also how I interact with others. AS professional coaches you helped me identify my positive attributes and to map out a plan by which to seek out appropriate employment opportunities. During the interview process I was able to emphasize the value I bring to a prospective employer. When a job offer was made, all this knowledge gave me the confidence to negotiate a starting salary that was 15% higher than the initial offer. Just four months into the new position I have been awarded an increase. The new job is still a challenge, but I feel that already I am leaps and bounds ahead of where I was previously.

.....Thank you for your hard work and the many long evenings. I couldn’t have done it without Pat’s never-ending enthusiasm and Bob’s gentle guidance. You are a great team and I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking personal and professional growth.

Bill Landfair, VIKA Incorporated

I really enjoyed the class this week and the material was extremely valuable to me.
Thanks, Jim

Over the years we have cruised many times on Cunard line ships and heard many lectures from a wide range of speakers. However I can honestly say that for subject knowledge, vitality and the ability to capture audience interest and participation, Pat (with the support of husband Bob) are at the top of the tree. Even a stormy sea could not dissuade Pat from her duty on one such occasion.
.....Pat and Bob have the ability to instill self-confidence into everyone they meet which is a great asset and so worthwhile for both the general public and business clientelle.
John & Ann Chambers , from onboard the cruise liner QE2