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Here is a small sample of testimonials from our attendees:

“You must set goals, and remove yourself from negative thoughts - and the world is your oyster!”
“This is by far the most important workshop I have ever participated in. Thank you!”
“This seminar has changed my life... my friends can see the difference.”
“Realization that success is up to me - that I hold the keys.”
“Well done! Nice progression, building one concept on the other.”
“Very interesting, full of energy, enjoyed every minute.”
“Positive thinking - learn, energy, visualize and the ability to achieve!”
“The material and presentation was excellent."
"It will take time to absorb all the ideas that were presented, but I know they will change my life.”

The majority of our work consists of working in-house with Major Corporations, Federal Agencies and Non-Profit Agencies. Our public seminars at Serenity give businesses the opportunity to take advantage of the Awareness Is Power® Seminars.
If you are interested in doing a private retreat for your organization at Serenity, please contact us.


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