World Class Selling...

Congratulations! You are the star in your own movie!
The role you will play is the greatest sales person in the world.
You set all kinds of sales records and you’ve been aptly and deservedly rewarded by your company.

That’s what this seminar is all about!
Learn to put all the elements together so your movie can happen at the end of this seminar - so that you can become the best sales person in the world.

In this seminar, Awareness Is Power® WorldClass Selling... A Star Is Born, you will learn to take the natural talent that you have and combine it with new skills that will make you even better at sales and business development than you have ever been before.










In This Seminar You Will Experience:

The power to see yourself
Understand your unique behavioral style
The power to see yourself with others
Identify, understand and appreciate the
people who are different than you
The power to win in every situation.
How to identify different behavioral styles of customers.
How to sell to different behavioral styles of customers.
Discover the top secrets to being the best
salesperson in the world.

How to sell with heart.
How to pass the heart test in a heartbeat.

You will begin creating your movie by completing your
Awareness Is Power® Assessment.
Participants will receive their script, wardrobe and movie contract.
The customized reports include the following sections:

Individual Sales Power Traits Unique Talents
Powerful Communication
Communication Power Drain
Selling Tips Ultimate Environment
Awareness Individual Style
Natural & Adapted Selling Style
Powers of Want Adapted Style
Areas for Development Powers of Need
Individual Graph Action Plan

In this Interactive Session you will experience:
Brainstorming Storytelling
Buzz Group Networking
Action Planning Object Lessons

Receive your own personal gift to remind you that you are a star and you are going to burst through with all these new sales secrets.