The AIP Career Choices Seminar

If you could have your own Crystal Ball and it told you all about yourself, your own unique talents, the things you need in life to make you happy, a way to find the perfect job for you, would that be of value to you? If so, attend the...


Career Choices Seminar!
And with your own Crystal Ball discover...

Ways to Improve Your Oral
Communication and Listening Skills

How to Problem Solve a Variety
of Situations Successfully

Creative Thinking Methods to Motivate
You to Reach New Goals

Successful Interpersonal Skills
And Negotiation Skills

The Secret Traits of Leadership

In just 10 minutes you will have the answers to this by simply completing an Awareness Is Power® Assessment. Each participant will receive their own customized Awareness Is Power® Report that includes the following sections:
Individual Power Traits
Unique Talents
Powers of Need
Perceived Behavior for Success
Powers of Want
Ultimate Environment
Powerful Communication
Strengths & Limitations

Job Indicator
In this interactive session you will experience:
Buzz Group Networking
Personalizing your most powerful talents

A unique carry over activity:
Receive a special gift that will enable you to use your own unique talents.

Discover the ultimate environment
for Career Success for you!