The TAKE ACTION! Seminar

Be at the TOP of your game in Business and in Life!

Just as a Super Bowl winning football team must have all their talents, intellect, behaviors, and values in sync, so it is for the ultimate efficient, effective, and productive team in business.



This Session Offers:

• In-depth analysis of team strengths and areas of challenge •
Insight into the inner workings of behaviors and values of those members on the team
Taps into the sportsmanship of working effectively together •
Plays off the strengths of others, while it delves into the strategy of winning for teams and reaching the top

Included is a SEE IT Guide play book that provides each person a tool that can identify and maximize their talents.

This seminar examines in depth the results of the Team Effectiveness Factors.
It identifies team challenges still to be encountered, strategized and overcome.
This seminar offers a more in-depth instant replay analysis of behavioral styles, how to work with other people, understanding yourself, and understanding your blindspots.
It provides a victory to participants by making them more intensely aware of their behavioral style, values of those on their team and strategies to best meet their needs and overcome their challenges.