Discover 3 Secrets To Being
A Top Notch Performer!

Have you tried to figure out how to be successful in sales by trial and error?
Do you ever wonder why some salespeople are successful and others are not?
Have you ever experienced a cosmic kick when it all came together and you said "I've got it!" or "I should have listened to my gut instinct?"
Have you ever thought a shower and a pep talk could be a two-some?

Invest your time wisely by attending an interactive, dynamic, fun and exciting seminar that can end your frustrations. Pat Bender, a proven top performer over many successful years at the IBM Corporation, reveals the...

3 Secrets To Becoming
A Top Notch Performer

In This Session You Will Learn:
Power Steps To Success
Ways to create interest in potential customers.
How to identify, understand and appreciate the differences in potential customers.
The sale actually begins when they say the first "No".
The 3 Secrets that define Top Notch Performers.


In just 10 minutes you will have the answers to this by simply completing an Awareness Is Power® Assessment.
Each participant will receive their own customized Awareness Is Power® report that includes the following sections:

Individual Sales Power Traits
Unique Talents
Powerful Communication
Communication Power Drain
Selling Tips
Ultimate Environment
Individual Style

In this interactive session you will experience:
Buzz Group Networking
Action Planning
Object Lessons

Receive a special gift that will allow you to shine as a super sales leader.
Discover the Three Secret Traits of Top Notch Performers!