Have You Ever Met Someone With A Black Cloud Over Their Head? In This Seminar, Discover Your Team's Hidden Treasures... And Your Own!

'Building Efficient & Effective Teams to Maximize Results' Seminar


Picture This:
You are walking down a beautiful sandy beach when you stub your toe on a hard surface. You begin to dig around the hard surface and you discover a treasure chest. This treasure chest contains all the tools you need to become the ultimate team member.

Attend this seminar to discover the ultimate treasures, which include:
How to be an effective team member
How to be an effective team player
The importance of a team
Awareness of the interpersonal & negotiating skills needed as a team player
The role of positive attitude and problem solving and creative thinking
Motivate yourself to become a leader and ultimate member of the team

You will begin building the foundation of a high performance team by completing your AWARENESS IS POWER® assessment.
Each participant will receive his or her ultimate treasure map.


The customized reports include the following sections:
Individual Power Traits Unique Talents
Unique Talents To The Team Powerful Communication
Communication Power Drain Ultimate Environment
Powers Of Want Powers Of Need

Areas For Development Action Plan

In this interactive session you will experience:
Brainstorming Storytelling
Buzz Group Networking
Action Planning Object Lessons

Receive your own personal key to success as a team member!
Discover the ultimate secret treasures involved in becoming a team!