'A Journey To Personal Excellence'

Prepare to experience the journey of a lifetime.

This course is designed to help you achieve
the ultimate destination on your personal
highway of life regardless of whether it’s a
country road or a super highway.

The Benefits Are Personal & Professional:

Create new levels of satisfaction
Discover the advantage of embracing change

Learn how to reduce stress in all areas of your life
Understand what success really is and how to achieve it

Find new ways to be happier, more productive and creative
Learn proven ways for positive, permanent changes in any area of your personal or professional life



Choose Your Destination By:

Open the Door and Get In:
Unlocking Your Potential - We are engineered for success and programmed for failure from early childhood. Learn a breakthrough method to build confidence in yourself and others and how to recognize and overcome self-limiting beliefs.

Purge Your Engine Knocks:
Eliminating Negative Emotions - Learn to short circuit negative emotions and achieve a level of calmness, clarity and peace of mind.

Make Your Reservations Ahead of Time:
Eliminating Worry - Learn a four step process to free yourself from worry and fear - a simple, powerful technique you will be using for the rest of your life.

Set Your Cruise Control:
Programming Your Mind for Success - How you nourish your brain affects the results you achieve. Discover the PMA Diet.

Get the Keys and Let’s Go:
Setting and Achieving Your Goals - Learn how to clarify your goals, write them down, analyze them, set deadlines, then identify and remove obstacles, make detailed plans and develop greater persistence.

Rest Stop - Get Out and Stretch:
Increasing Your Energy Level - Learn how to tap into your body’s fountain of health and energy

Pack your Good Luck Charm:
Tapping Into Synchronicity - Recognize magical moments and make the most of them.

Start where you are now and reach your destination -
your journey to personal and professional excellence.
Become the best you can be - and enjoy the journey!



The Personal Excellence Seminar is an intensive program of personal effectiveness and productivity. Based on a foundation of self-esteem and self-confidence, this program uses proven methods to equip individuals with the skills, attitudes and capabilities for peak performance.

At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

Build a sense of personal control to deal with a faster-paced, uncertain future.
Build each individual’s confidence to create change.
Improve people’s willingness to take risks.
Build an understanding of how to motivate change in others.
Prepare people to work more effectively on self-directed teams by making them self directed people.
Re-engage and re-establish the commitment of everyone.
Revitalize an existing strategy, and recommit people to new approaches.
Aleviate employee stress and job burnout through envisioning and planning for their future.
Include as part of your management development, where self-confidence and personal responsibility can positively impact results throughout the organization.
Create a climate that reinforces the importance of individuals and their contribution within the organization.
Enhance the degree of teamwork between members who must be committed to joint success.
Breathe new life into the team and create a feeling in each individuial of appreciation and worthiness within the Team.
Create a can do attitude in the organization.
Unleash the power of each individual to fully contribute to the success of the group.
Build the foundation of trust within the organization.
Build an atmostphere of happy, motivated and confident individuals who will thrive working together.
Create a sense of good, productive individuals who will engage in the mission of the team and carry out the strategy which is a critically essential part of the mission.