The Deeper Waters
of Human Behaviors...

The Next Step of Efficient & Effective Team Work Seminar

How deep is the Atlantic Ocean?
What are the deeper waters of human behavior?

This session offers the opportunity to understand the undercurrents and reasons we do what we do and how we react to different situations.

Gain insight into what the deeper reasons are that drive team members to swim in different directions or try to fire hose each other with their beliefs.

Attend this seminar to delve into the deeper waters of those around you.


This session includes:
Understanding yourself to better relate to others
Discovering the deeper waters of your team members
Excavating what your passion is and how that effects you
Uncover what drives people to act the way they do

In this interactive session you will experience:
Buzz Group Networking
Action Planning
Object Lessons

Receive your own personal reminder of the key to success as a productive and fulfilled team member.

Discover the ultimate shore that is awaiting your arrival across the deeper waters of human behavior.