PATRICIA BENDER President, Bayley & Bender. Prior to co-founding B&B in 1989 with her late husband Bob, Pat worked for IBM Corporation. In her first year she was Rookie Of The Year and went on to claim top performance awards for the next 10 years, a rare accomplishment. For 4 consecutive years Pat was in the top 2% in performance and was honored with the Golden Circle Award. In her final year at IBM, Pat earned the distinguished award "Top Sales Rep In The Country". After moving into management, she built and trained a sales force which finished as the top team in the country. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and the American Society of Training & Development.

ROBERT W BENDER. Before co-founding B&B, Bob worked for 30 years at IBM Corporation as an Executive in Sales, Management, World Trade, Government Programs, and Community Relations. He received numerous awards including 22 consecutive Sales Quota Performance Awards, 7 Golden Circle Awards and No.1 Area Manager in the country. He ranked top 5 in the country as an Area Sales manager for 12 years. Prior to joining IBM, Bob studied at Cornell University and achieved several awards as Production Manager for a large corporation in Washington, D.C.


The Bayley & Bender Story

....Let me take you back to 1983. Pat & Bob Bender had a vision of starting a technology company and partnering with 3 other successful IBM’ers. They were going to call this company the 5 Star Production. These 5 people were super stars at IBM. That vision did not become a reality. However Pat & Bob Bender still had the dream of starting a company.

....1989, Pat & Bob Bender co founded Bayley & Bender Inc. It started out as a sales training company and developed into a people development business which is a far cry from technology. To sum it up, they mix the soft science of human behavior with the hard science of analysis. Pat & Bob Bender were former Sales Reps and Managers at IBM Corporation. Pat loved to sell and Bob loved to manage. Bob loved building successful teams. Bob loved the stability and Pat loved change. Pat was the risk taker and Bob was the stabilizer.
So in 1989 Pat took the risk and started the business. Their plan was when the business became stable Bob would jump over. The business just would not take off. She was spinning her wheels for 6 years. She was trying too hard.

....June 8, 1995, Bob had a significant emotional event. He had a 12cm aneurism in his abdominal aorta and had emergency surgery. The chances of Bob surviving this surgery were very slim. Bob survived and Pat shut the business down for 3 months to take care of Bob and help him get back to health. During his recovery, Bob began working with Pat - co-facilitating. Pat worked the platform and Bob worked the audience. Since they have opposite behavioral styles, it worked perfectly for every participant. They could either relate to Pat or they could relate to Bob.

....Every participant has touched Pat & Bob’s life. They have a way of teaching Pat & Bob what they need to learn that day and create greater awareness for them.

Was this their original plan? No! ....Does it work? Yes!!

....It works because the Awareness Is Power® Process is life changing. We help organizations around the world increase their growth, profitability and productivity by helping them hire, develop and retain top performing talent. We provide Leadership Development, Team Building and Sales Training to drive organization effectiveness. Call today!!
To all graduates - thank you for touching our lives!

Bob Bender went to heaven April 19, 2009. His spirit is always with Pat.

Bayley & Bender, Inc. - Still Living The Dream