ABC's For Life
..Here is a concise reference guide to help you acieve whatever you want to acieve! No-one can guarantee success or happiness, so let James Ball guide you through 26 principles that are essential for you to increase the odds for success and happiness in your both your career and your personal life..

Professionalism Is For Everyone
Professionalism IS for everyone! It doesn't matter what your job is or how much you are paid - the right approach always shows!
Professionals add a little extra to everything they do, and every move they make. People notice their work and performance - and this book shows you the five attributes that can distinguish you from the crowd!

World-Class Customer Service
..World Class Customer Service means "the best there is - there's nowhere better on earth!" Now there's an ambitious goal. Of course it can be achieved and this superb book guides you through the 7 steps of do's and don'ts that will give your customers a service they'll remember!

Soar... If You Dare
No matter what obstacles you face in reaching your goals, "Soar... If You Dare" can be your biggest supporter and help you succeed!
Learn how to create your own future by dreaming BIG, thinking BIG, and acting BIG! This powerful and entertaining book gives you a clear and common sense approach to a successfull life!



James Ball - Behind The Books
James R Ball is the president and co-founder of The Goals Institute, a company that helps individuals and businesses attain their potential through goal achievement.
..Previously, he was the managing partner and co-founder of a venture capital firm that helped finance the launch and growth of over 20 companies including The Discovery Channel.