Employee Prescreening & Selection

...Our researched and validated pre-screen and employee selection assessments can help your organization make a more informed hiring decision. The effectiveness of our assessments used in the selection process comes from high quality validation work that has been done to identify top performers in a wide variety of positions.
...Each of our selection assessments and services can help you hire top performing employees for non-exempt (hourly) positions, supervisor/manager positions, sales and professional positions.

Our Competency Modeling process is designed to help you align your people with your business strategy to achieve success.

...If you already have a competency model defined, our reports can be linked to your existing model. Or, use our Competency Modeling process to quickly and easily build (or revise) a model. We can help you develop a customized Competency Model or help you enrol to become a Certified SSM user.
...You can choose to use our standard validated job specific assessments; these include: Consultative Sales, Retail Sales, Health Care, Banking, Hospitality, Restaurant, Call Centers, Production and Distribution, Administrative Assistant, Convenience Store, Leasing Agent and more.
...Our online Applicant Tracking System and our Background Checking Program are designed to help your organization streamline your employee selection process.

Professional & Managerial Talent Selection

...Use our AIP PMA to assist in the selection of outside candidates and for the promotion, placement, or development of internal managers, supervisors and professionals.
...AIP PMA is a state-of-the-art, computer driven expert system that produces full psychological evaluations from any Internet connection for use in the business environment. These tests measure many of the characteristics related to effective performance.
...All AIP PMA reports are written in a concise, straightforward manner and provide a detailed description of the candidate’s Intellectual Abilities, Work Approach and Motivations, Thinking Style, Approach to Influencing or Supervising Others, and Interpersonal Style.

This system measures the key dimensions of
Personality and Intellectual Abilities

Reflective/Probing, Organized/Structured, Serious/Restrained, Objective, Factual, and Realistic/Pragmatic

Energy Level, Self-Reliance, Acceptance of Control, Need for Freedom, Frustration Tolerance, Need for Attention, and Detail Interest

Sociability, Criticism Tolerance, Optimism, Assertiveness, Need to Please/Be Liked, Positive about People, Persona Insight, Self-Control and Cultural Conformity

Strengths in Problem Solving, Critical thinking, Abstract Reasoning, Verbal Comprehension and Numerical Abilities

Over 70 industry-specific templates are available.

- Immediate testing, evaluation and reporting -
- Designed to also accept 7 different intellectual abilities tests -
- Validated by organization psychologists -
- Internet Ready / PC and Windows compatible -
- Inexpensive, automated assessment system -

Please note that our AIP Professional & Managerial Assessments (AIP PMA) subscribes to American Psychological Association (APA) and EEOC guidelines.


AIP SM for Selecting & Developing Salespeople:

...This assessment was developed using criteria critical to sales success. It measures how a candidate will do the job, why they will want to do the job and what they know about consultative sales process at the present time. This pre-employment assessment for sales professionals allows you to evaluate a candidate’s fit within a consultative sales role.
...AIP SM provides a quick look graph, candidate’s overall predictive score and their strengths and weakness. It indicates the candidate’s probability of producing in the top 50% of the sales team.
... Additionally, it will provide interview/reference questions, and management suggestions.

AIP SM is Easy to Administer and Use:

...Candidates are able to log-in to the AIP SM testing site from virtually anywhere around the world. Manage the assessment database, evaluate candidates and print the reports using any Internet connection. AIP SM subscribes to American Psychological Association (APA) and EEOC guidelines.

A Bad Hire is Very Costly:

...If you include lost production, supervisor time, hiring and training costs, poor service to customers, and potential equipment failures, the cost of a bad hire is estimated to be:

Person's Hourly Rate x 400* = Your Estimated Turnover Cost

(*10 weeks at 40 hours per week)














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